"Open Saturdays"

Ever wondered what
St. Mark's
looks like inside?



Have you ever come along to find the door locked!  We're sorry about that (security matters prevent it being left ajar), which is why we've started having "OPEN SATURDAYS", when - quite literally - the Church is open ...

  • open for Visitors to wander around
  • open for private prayer and quiet space
  • open for a chat and a sense of "hello"
  • open for a coffee and a bite to eat
  • open for YOU ...

... so why not come along one Saturday (actual opening dates listed below) and see the beauty, sense the tranquility, and soak up the atmosphere.  You will be made VERY WELCOME!

On occasions, there will sometimes be a theme or activity going on in and around the 'Opening' (details below) ... feel free to join in or simply ignore ... whatever your reason for calling, we look forward to seeing you.


Further Updates will follow when available